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Noble Energy, Inc.

2009 Annual Report

In a negative business climate, Noble had astutely positioned itself to build new value for shareholders through diversification and disciplined financial management. The annual report broke new ground by using striking imagery unrelated to the energy industry as a metaphor for Noble’s values, accomplishments and outlook. To underscore their focus on the future, we also developed an animated interactive annual report as a companion piece.

Noble Energy stays on the leading edge of exploration technology, and their goal is the same when communicating with their shareholders. The client expressed a desire to present an online version of their annual report that was true to their message while taking advantage of available online technology to expand access and availability of information. Xenn developed a fully functional HTML site providing organized and easily accessible content with intuitive navigation aided by drop-down menus. By extending the unconventional graphic theme of the printed annual report with Flash animation and an audio track, we were able to make the Noble Energy online annual report come alive.