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Noble Energy, Inc.

2010 Online Annual Report

At Noble, 2010 was a year of change…not incremental change, but dramatic, transformational change. The company needed a forward-looking message that positioned them on the threshold of accelerated and sustainable growth, while communicating their complete preparedness and control over their expanding opportunities. A bold design indicated Noble’s fast-track movement and employed unexpected visuals to highlight the tenets of the company’s successful long-term strategy. Thoughtful use of type, graphics and printing techniques furthered the impression of momentum and provided a perfect vehicle for Noble’s message.

Utilizing the latest technology is second nature for Noble, and communicating their annual report message is no exception. The company wanted to convey the excitement of their printed report in an online format, while staying focused on their message and enhancing the user experience. Expanded imagery and targeted animation brought the Noble online annual report to life and made critical information easily accessible. The fully functional HTML site, including an original score by Xenn, captured the energy of this important moment in the company’s life.

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